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Heavy duty castor screening, want to consider what factors

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-26
Castor now a wide range of products from bearing ability to differentiate regular castor, medium casters and heavy-duty casters, the former two market scope more extensive, but heavy duty castor mainly is suitable for the industrial construction, construction and transportation in the process of operation, many buyers considering heavy-duty casters products of time for details may not be very understand, but heavy duty castor products also directly linked with the actual operation effect of transportation operations, today we'll analysis and comparison together under the truckle products, compared with other what are the particularity of heavy-duty casters. First is the object of its bearing capacity, heavy duty castor as the name suggests it can become the other castor can't bear, the heavy duty caster wheel bearing capacity between five hundred kg to 15 tons, bearing ability of amplitude is very big, can according to the practical application point of view on purchasing to select suitable heavy duty castor products, if not meet the requirements of heavy duty castor on the market, also can contact the factory customized services. Also is the material of heavy duty castor particularity, as a result of heavy duty castor transport objects weight is very big, so to consider the use of heavy duty castor effect and service life, etc. , in general will give priority to those more durable solid material, including cast iron wheel, polyurethane casters, and so on, which now sales are soaring, in many industries are favored by polyurethane casters, it is also relatively ideal in the industrial material selection. In addition, considering the heavy duty castor buyers purchasing time need to take into account the corresponding product configuration, in order to meet the demand of daily use, most heavy-duty casters will have a rotating plate configuration, this is in order to be able to further improve the load bearing ability of castor, is also in order to ensure the security and stability in the process of transportation. Heavy-duty casters will be configuration support, suggest to at the time of purchase directly buy supporting bracket, in general, matched with heavy-duty casters do stents are adopted metal, metal stent is durable and not easy to wear. Truckle products, compared with other heavy duty castor price is more expensive, for bulk purchase, the buyers must have the right products in the purchase, so also protect the interests of the enterprise, but also to subsequent use effect can more satisfy the actual demand, suggest that we can provide the preferred brand heavy-duty casters, because a lot of professional casters brand often can provide more high quality products, to firmly grasp the quality at the same time, in use process will be more at ease, at the same time also can extend the life of the time. With different materials on the market of heavy-duty casters, caster and its use scope of different material is different, suggest to combined with the actual situation to choose, if the construction environment of a bumpy road, it is better to choose pu heavy-duty casters, reduce loss in use process. Castor products now have applications in many industries, in order to better meet the demand, many manufacturers are constantly committed to optimize product, and domestic truckle products industry has been structured and differentiation, if recent consider castor products purchased by the friend might as well to know more about the industry development, including what are high quality manufacturer, castor purchase considerations, etc.
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