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by:Dajin caster     2020-04-14
Heavy-duty casters, because of the large bearing limits so in industry, has been widely used in textile industry and other fields, because of these industries often need to carry extra strong items, but although the applicability of the heavy duty castor is strong, but at the time of purchase related products or we should know more about purchasing skills, so can have a better product use effect. First, considering the material of heavy duty castor different heavy duty castor material applicable scope is not the same, for example, the whole iron is suitable for heavy duty castor road construction conditions are tough environment, because of this kind of heavy duty castor bearing capability, material of high hardness at the same time, even if long time used on the uneven road can still does not affect the castor itself, to reduce the friction with the ground, but also can improve the efficiency, prolong service life. But if in a certain corrosive environment using heavy-duty casters, stronger then all metals such as iron chemical reaction of heavy duty castor is not able to use for a long time, we can choose best reinforced nylon heavy-duty casters, and so on, in order to be able to be on the safe side, you can consider to refer to the material of different chemical activity, it can also more sure, many technical staff when making recommendations to the client will ask for details of usage, etc. Second, consider whether mute requires some castor use environment is used to mute, such as the hotel industry, medical industry, etc. , on the premise of castor flexible use to reduce noise, etc. , so is a heavy-duty casters, in order to be able to make it have better using effect, more in line with the actual requirements, suggest you can first understand the requirements of the operating environment and so on, if given the mute, Suggestions can give priority to truckle products, stainless steel stents can reduce friction with the ground. Third, considering the bearing capacity of a lot of friends in choosing a heavy-duty casters may have a misunderstanding, namely they think heavy-duty casters must be able to bearing most of the items, so they don't bother to calculate dynamic load, and so on, actually otherwise, because of the heavy duty castor range is really big, as long as it is able to bearing more than four hundred tons of heavy duty castor castor products, if we are not doing a very good measure of bearing capacity, subsequent usage may be disappointing, so be on the safe side, or suggest that we can check ahead of time measurement, in general, we in the three casters to the bearing capacity of combined as one of the biggest limit is poor, but the purchase castor with four castor for beautiful, avoid the overload situation in real life, the effects of overload on castor products is very large. Fourth, consider maintenance castor belongs to high frequency to use one of the products, and castor products without repair and maintenance of appropriate loss soon, in order to reduce the loss, we need to be able to do regular maintenance work, including the grease, etc. , many manufacturers will also give customers a lot of maintenance advice. Fifth, preferred brand castor products quality is very important, especially the selection of the heavy-duty casters, is so, so we suggest that we can give priority to some well-known casters brand, so also can better safeguard the rights and interests of buyers, and if it is a long-term procurement, select one of manufacturer is cadbury's all, not only can reduce the cost per unit, but also can have a better service.
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