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Heavy duty castor that knowledge you know?

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-24
- - - - - - Castor - 【 Industrial casters 】 Universal wheel, adjust the foot manufacturer, we produce all kinds of heavy duty castor will meet a lot of common problems. Such as floor type heavy-duty casters in the process of production we will often find that the deformation of base plate will happen, but the extent of deformation would vary, so how do we appear this kind of situation to change this situation? , in addition to encounter floor deformation in the process of universal wheel production bead plate also can appear some situation, especially the universal heavy-duty casters we paid special attention to, because it carries the heavy objects, once bead plate quality problems will bring unpredictable consequences. Let me through the analysis to study these problems. How to avoid the heavy duty castor floor deformation: heavy duty castor floor surface quality test with visual or 5 times a magnifying glass. Heavy-duty casters backplane fatigue test, impact test, simulation test: test equipment test. Heavy duty castor floor load and size tolerance of products, surface shape and position tolerance test, shall be carried out in the inspection after the permanent deformation, but the load and size tolerance should be qualified before permanent deformation. Heavy duty castor floor product compression ( Tensile and torsion) Five times to the height of the work under the limit load ( Length or ultimate torsion Angle) Measure the height of the fourth and fifth ( Or length, Angle) Its value is kept constant, think that there is no permanent deformation. How to avoid the heavy duty castor bead dish hair blue, black, the corrosion resistance of oxide film is: with a 4% salt solution erosion for four hours, should not be rust. The strength of the oxide film: the combination of oxide film and the main body strength, with dry cloth to rub, should not present metallic luster. Finish and other parts: wash hair blue, 1 - 3 the phenolphthalein alcohol solution on the artifacts, such as the pink phenolphthalein alcohol solution, cleaning is not clean. The density of oxide film: after the parts send LanHua greased with 4% copper sulfate solution erosion 40 seconds before, copper plating parts surface are not allowed to occur. But the sharp edge, edges and weld areas allows a small amount of copper plating spots appear. The colour and lustre of oxide film: after hair blue color should be uniform, there is no spot and not cover part of the oxide film. Due to different surface finish on the same part, or a local quenching or welding parts, color differences are allowed. Carbon steel, low alloy steel parts, after sending orchid should be uniform black oxide film. Castings and alloy steel containing silicon parts, hair blue after allowing for yellow or brown. Through the discussion on the above research, we know where the problems are and how to avoid problems, the method of the can to some extent avoid repeat the problem, while also further fundamentally solve similar problems. About heavy duty castor backplane and universal heavy-duty casters bead plate can refer to the above relevant information, if you have a more comprehensive approach can discuss together to share.
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