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by:Dajin caster     2020-04-24
Castor seems to be common, actually has a wide application in our daily life, especially in the industrial sector, castor products and types are presented the trend of differentiation, today let's take a look at industrial heavy-duty casters are often used. Heavy-duty casters just as its name implies is the carrying capacity of larger casters, say it is a heavy is this compared with other types of caster and castor products higher bearing capacity, general bearing capacity range from five hundred kg to 15 tons, of course, higher bearing capacity of castor, but need special customized to meet specific bearing requirements of industrial operation. Heavy duty castor has many special properties, which makes this kind of product can have a higher bearing specifications, so what's the nature to castor is worthy of attention? Together to get to know. Heavy castor material particularity: heavy-duty casters in selecting a material will choose the quality of a material is more durable solid material, in general have more common material on market hard tread single wheel, wheel, such as cast iron forging steel wheel is relatively ideal in the industrial material choice, if considering the track, castor products using polyurethane casters are common. For heavy duty caster configuration particularity: most heavy-duty casters will have a rotating plate configuration, this kind of configuration is able to improve the ability of caster wheel bearing, heavy duty castor, most are based on the double ball track if heavy caster, so used to stress the area is larger surface bearing, form a complete set of vertebral body bearing can effectively reduce the collision, at the same time also can maintain smooth and safe transport process. For heavy duty caster stents particularity: heavy duty castor itself area and weight also is very handsome, to be more careful when using the stent, is a good choice to form a complete set of stents, in general, matched with heavy-duty casters do stents are used the metal material, so can have a better bearing force, 2 will also can effectively avoid the impact. More common on the market of the stents were ordinary steel plate stamping. Because of heavy duty castor in use when you have a lot of exquisite, so when the choose and buy should attach importance to the quality problem, in general, suggest the consumers when considering the industrial use of heavy duty castor can choice brand products, many brands tend to have industry leading technology, in use process will be more at ease, at the same time also can extend the life of the time. The bearing capacity of heavy duty castor must have good, or buy the wrong or not applicable, is also a kind of economic loss. On the industry, at present there are many manufacturers provide a wide range of industrial casters, screening is suitable for the different needs of consumers, but it is important to note that we consider heavy-duty casters products again for some special requirements are both described above, the use of heavy duty castor environment also need to pay attention to, because some material do not can be used in extreme environment is very good, a lot of material such as high temperature environment of castor will affect the quality of its use. So when considering the purchase of heavy material need to know more detailed more factors may affect the use effect. Now there are many provide the manufacturer of heavy duty castor products on the market, but for consumers to choose a certain profile manufacturer is better, because of the relatively more guaranteed quality.
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