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by:Dajin caster     2020-04-15
- universal wheel specifications Heavy duty castor - 【 Industrial casters 】 Universal wheel, adjust the feet, manufacturers type universal main drive system of motor shaft 1, distribution box 1 ( Speed ratio 1:1 distribution box side Lord small shaft 2 root; Is the role of distribution box torque output at the shaft of the motor through the herringbone gear according to 1:1 ratio is passed to the two lateral distribution box transmission shaft, the first top speed of finishing mill production line, Speed of 105 meters per second) Appeared. And to ensure that the rotational speed is consistent, up and down the shaft to the contrary, distribution box lubrication for the thin oil lubrication, the relief station pressure to zero. 35 - 0. 4 mpa, distribution box internal lubrication and spray nozzle will thin oil to the gear and bearing; Distribution box side shaft and reversing impact is small, job security and stability, big transmission torque, with functions of work roll roll compensation ( By spline, the spring so that the axial compression) , when the work roll in roller, shaft clamping frame transmission shaft in the roll change position. Manufacturers supply flat activity 5 inch high wear-resisting rubber universal wheel pu castor heavy universal wheel are supermarket shopping cart Lord small shaft repair cycle is one year, annual repair project, but in the past two years off after repair online using about three months has different sounds, force during replacement, the overhaul organization brings great difficulty for me, frequent replacement, repair Lord small shaft increasing the worker labor intensity, party a's production is not continuous, spare parts cost overruns. Offline after the collapse of the Lord small axle find tooth set of serious wear and tear, oil contains iron, big tip positioning plate connection screw fracture, exit, there were spring collar cracking phenomenon. According to the installation can be divided into five types, orientation, flat-topped universal respectively, flat brake, silk mouth wanxiang, silk mouth brake; According to tread materials can be divided into five categories, respectively PO polyolefin, black, grey PU PU PU PU, TPU polyurethane high strength, TPE super synthetic rubber; According to specification can be divided into three categories, castor 1 inch, 1 respectively. 5 inches, 2 inches.
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