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- heavy universal casters omnidirectional mobile robot design

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-22
Universal wheel, adjust the foot plate manufacturers including installation, involves a new type of PU rubber heavy universal casters. Roller and roller support, installation and connection with roller bracket boards, described the connection piece and the bottom roller support for fixed connection, and installed at the top of the board for the activity of relatively rotational connection, described in the mounting plate edge is equipped with the regulating lock. The invention optimizes the structure of castor, PU rubber top heavy universal casters designed a locking device, the device can make the PU rubber heavy universal caster wheel is fixed at a predetermined Angle, which can realize the PU rubber heavy universal casters and transformation between fixed wheel, when used with carts, thereby increasing the cart with flexibility. As the era of industrial automation, mobile operating robot applied technical become people to increase productivity, reduce product cost is the key technology of, is widely used in various fields. With the continuous development of robot technology and productivity requirements unceasing enhancement, the mobile robot's mobility and flexibility as the main performance indicators of mobile robot, especially indoor working within the narrow space of the robot, is strict with the technical indicators, as a result, a high maneuverability, high flexibility is suitable for indoor working within the narrow space of the emergence of the mobile robot become ideal solutions to the problem. Decoupling type active universal foot wheel omni-directional mobile robot with three degrees of freedom of planar movement, and its maneuverability is strong, mobile high flexibility, can work for indoor narrow working within the space of mobile robot provides a good solution. This paper designs a new motion decoupling function of universal casters, actively implement the universal caster wheel steering motion and rolling motion the decoupled control independently. And this paper also designs a decoupling type based on active universal casters of omnidirectional mobile robot, the kinematics model is established, by MA TLA B on its kinematics model simulation. The simulation results show that: based on the decoupling of the active PU castor omnidirectional mobile robots can function of lateral line and spin for indoor working within the narrow space of mobile robot provides an ideal solution. At the same time, this paper also introduces the decoupling of active universal casters omnidirectional mobile robot dynamics modeling method, and USES two decoupled type active universal casters of omnidirectional mobile robot dynamics modeling, for mobile robot in the process of the design of the motor selection and the late hybrid control of mobile robot force to provide a theoretical basis. In addition, the active universal foot wheel movement is not exist in the process of omnidirectional mobile robot motion coordination problems, inconsistency problem will cause the vibration of the robot body, the acceleration of the robot mechanical parts wear problem, but only a general observation of the movement coordination problems can not see the concrete existence condition in detail. In this paper, the authors use the analysis method of the wheeled vehicles parasitic power incongruity is analyzed, the movement of mobile robot by parasitic power coefficient will not harmonious degree of the movement in the form of numerical intuitive, problem of uncoordinated developments for the mobile robot motion analysis provides a theoretical basis.
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