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High elastic polyurethane casters how to meet the different needs of more customers

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-05
Through the buffer shock absorption structure damping principle of polyurethane casters road uneven on the impact of the carrier, guarantee the smooth, in the process of vehicle handling of parts in the process of slow transportation vibration and damage, shock absorbing materials are generally rubber shock absorption and spring damping, glue and rubber rubber and polyurethane rubber piece, spring suspension style is more, a single coil and looks, springs and spring tree and polyurethane casters in order to be able to better fit the needs of different consumers. High elastic polyurethane casters how to meet the different needs of more customers now has all kinds of different models, pu castor products good for its products have passed strict quality inspection, in addition to the details of the warranty, when consumer is buying can be more at ease, it is recommended that bulk purchase friend can consider to work with high quality manufacturers, have more interests. Pu castor if use special green grease, can make the pu castor applies to - 40° & C to 165 deg. C high temperature. Pu castor oil pump for whole sealed, key parts imported German original have overload protection to eradicate the disadvantage of the oil, the size of the piston rod chromium plating structure is firm, overload protection, falling speed control, valve core adopts integral parts, is different from the scattered parts, easy maintenance, which makes the vehicle more adapt to the market demand. As expanding the scope of the wheel in the modern society, the wheels of the species are abundant. ​ Pu castor manufacturers cold rolled steel sheet due to a certain degree of strain hardening, toughness is low, but can reach better showed, used for cold bending spring pieces and parts, at the same time due to the yield point is close to the tensile strength, so no foresight to danger, in use process in the load exceeds allowable load are prone to accidents. Pu castor plating effect on mechanical products using electrolysis deposit with good adhesion, but the performance of different metal cladding layer and substrate materials technology. Pu castor plating layer heat soak evenly, generally thinner, ranging from a few microns to a few microns. So relevant personnel, if want to guarantee the use effect of the wheel, according to the requirements of the different equipment mobile or industry to choose the appropriate type of pu castor is very necessary. If want to reduce the user's use difficulty, then relevant staff need to do a good job of lubricating the wheels on a regular basis. Transverse spring damping, etc.
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