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High temperature resistant castor drop impact and weight-bearing walking test parameters

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-28
With since the 21st century, the industrial development has been a qualitative improvement, no matter where on the one hand has made great progress and breakthroughs; At the same time as the industrial level of demand for various aspects are also different, generally is the high quality of high quality products to meet the demand of the current development of industrial society. High-temperature wheel as castor industry's new show that rises in recent years, more should be done well in this respect control work, completes the foundation work is to provide good logistical support to fight. After enterprise how to development based work ready to see you in the first place. Both for high-temperature castor castor or for other material, the first thing we concern is caster wheel bearing, and bearing we can be decomposed into walking still impact load and load bearing, although all load bearing, but when they walk completely different. Next is introduced when we get a high temperature resistant castor, how should we ourselves through experiment to test the resistance to high temperature casters' drop impact test 'and' walking bearing test ', if you can master yourself to be able to accurately grasp the true data of high temperature resistant castor. 1) drop impact test: 1, in the height of the set weight, repeated experiment until castor abnormal location, determination of castor height and the deformation of the wheel diameter. 2, as shown in the figure below the castor fixed, at noon by any height of free fall, the determination of the deformation. 3, high temperature resistant castor if abnormal phenomenon does not occur, test height will be promoted, so on trial and error. 4, test equipment: fall heavy machine test (2) bearing walking: 1, in the case of arbitrary bearing ( About high temperature resistant castor parameter 1 load. 5 times) Continuous walking in iron drum. Mainly aimed at the wheel of the test, but if an obstruction on the drum set bumps, walking over obstacles test page can test, because the choice would be affected at the same time, for the performance of the rotating parts can also be tested. 2, as shown in the figure below, in a week for 1 meter iron barrel assembly on high temperature casters, set the weight-bearing walking at a speed of 2 km per hour for 3 minutes, stop after 2 minutes walk again, and so on repeated trials. 3, test equipment: load walking machine test load of high temperature resistant castor is our grasp accurately the powerful tools for the it data, and we know its performance on the one hand; Whether in the production of high temperature resistant castor or use high temperature resistant wheel, we should all be accurate analysis of its comprehensive performance, so that more conducive to the production high quality casters and use it for a long time, you so be high temperature resistant wheel is not only important for individual corresponding to others also nots allow to ignore.
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