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High temperature resistant round usually pay attention to the problem

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-28
High temperature resistant round style varied, both in styles and the manufacturer, model is not the same, although there will be a unified name, called high temperature resistant, but we also differ in thousands ways, to use in practice we will first consider when actual use high temperature resistant wheel bearing capacity, because not all round high temperature resistant for use in any case, it will choose according to bearing different are different, this is the so-called suit the remedy to the case. There are usually two ways. In the installation of the 4 wheel, for example. First, consider the surface concave and convex, with three wheels on to calculate the weight of the load, this usually consider is uneven ground, safety coefficient under the condition of low; Secondly, considering the factor of safety, suitable for face the impact of the wheel is not very big, four wheels on the weight to calculate, according to a large number of experiments show that castor actual load is bigger than the theoretical value of 20%. In the practical application, the first method for industrial caster wheel load calculation methods of the general logistics. Considering the bearing capacity of course is our most basic point, and according to the actual circumstances of the use of reference to the surrounding environment requirements to high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to wet castor, in order to avoid dust affects the service life of the castor, choose dustproof hood casters, blocking dust, extend the life of the caster. Often can appear in the use of high temperature resistant wheel brake can only put the brakes on the wheels, and still can activities such as floor, factors that may cause us some small trouble, so if you want to brake effect is better, can take double the brake. Can put the brakes on the wheels can also make the stents ( Install the wheel) And the base plate ( Connection) Card to death. Double brake can effectively prevent the wheels turn and reverse direction, higher safety factor; Dust cover, sealing ring, can make the wheel gets better clean, prolong life. In addition to these high temperature is also a very important part of wheel bearing, it can determine the service life of high temperature resistant wheel; In general the higher requirements for the wheel so will pay attention to when choosing bearing, high precision bearing is suitable for use in high-end instrument and requiring high performance; Elaborate the needle roller bearing compressive ability strong, suitable for stressful situations; Grey wheels ground, walk a few times on the ground, also won't leave a mark; To protect the ground, should choose artificial lugs or polyurethane wheel, making castor function properly.
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