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Home market has always been the dream of baidu @ pu castor

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-28
​ Home market has always been the dream of baidu @ pu castor, previously, March 2, the securities journal in an interview the CPPCC national committee, sogou CEO wang xiaochuan noted: & other; Sogou will consider return to A shares? ” Wang expressed, sogou bullish on this thing, and is willing to return to A shares, will follow the policy. After all, the company is a service of China's netizens, and now are more support policy, companies have to think about the things. Compared with the above several bosses, Zhou Hongyi is the pioneer of the regression. Recently, 360 backdoor jiangnan home to return to A shares, although A drop stop, but the total market capitalization of $358. 4 billion as of March 2, when compared to stocks retreat city valuation of $9. 3 billion ( About 59 billion yuan) 6 times, rise in value. Baidu chairman and chief executive robin li 3, in the great hall of the people to accept the Shanghai newspaper reporter said in an interview, & other; After listing in the United States in 2005, baidu immediately communicate with the China Securities Regulatory Commission had, in fact more than a dozen years, baidu has always been a dream is to return to China. ” 。 Zhou Hongyi at the great hall of the people on March 3, the east plaza Shanghai newspaper interview said: & other; As far as I know, there are A lot of new economy enterprises listed overseas, wants to return to a-share listed & throughout; 。 Zhou Hongyi said that 360 was the first to return to a-share listed Internet companies, believe that there will be more and more outstanding Internet companies to return to a-share market. For baidu to return to A shares whether to accept depositary receipts, robin li said: & other; We are willing to accept any form. ” As to whether the preparation way of depositary receipts, robin li, baidu is working with relevant departments to communicate, & other; Communication for a long time, actually throughout more than a decade ago in communication &; 。 Netease company chairman and chief executive of ding in Chinese people's political consultative conference on March 2nd press committee headquarters to answer the Shanghai newspaper reporters questions about whether willing to put back to a-share listed, & other; Of course we will consider & throughout; 。 His honest, & other; Whether to return to A shares, when listed, the initiative is not here, this is the problem of national policy, but baidu ready, when can you have on. ” More news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 443. html
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