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Zhongshan Dajin caster Co.,Ltd. caster aims to create the first national brand! Get more info! The Brand DajinCreated by DajinHas a History of Years Compared with products in the same category, light duty caster's core competencies are mainly reflected in the following aspects. Dajinalways focuses on meeting customers' needs. We are dedicated to providing customers with comprehensive and quality solutions.

I don't know what level Hunan river water treatment equipment can filter the river water to. How much does Hunan river water treatment equipment cost? After the river is treated by a professional water treatment process,In theory, ultra-pure water can be reached,The resistance rate is above 18 M,It's just that the general will not do so.1. quartz sand filter.The raw water is sent to the quartz sand filter through the slurry pump to remove the sediment, rust, large particles, suspended substances, algae and other harmful substances in the water.2. activated carbon filter.The adsorption capacity of activated carbon is relatively strong.Activated carbon can absorb residual chlorine and odor in water, which shows the importance of activated carbon filter.3. water softener.The hardness of well water is relatively large. after the treatment of the water softener, the hardness of the water can be reduced, the calcium and magnesium ions in the water are adsorbed, and the taste of the water quality is changed.4

Where does Suzhou make filter material? There are several such companies in Suzhou, but remember to have one in shenlian industrial park in Xiangcheng district. you can ask which filter material you need?
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