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Our best to you and your light duty caster from the team at Zhongshan Dajin caster Co.,Ltd. caster. Inquire online! Focus on the Production of caster wheels for Years heavy duty casters produced by Dajinstands out among many products in the same category. And the specific advantages are as follows. With a focus on customers' potential needs, Dajinhas the ability to provide one-stop solutions.

What is the filter aperture of the water purifier pre-pp cotton and? Don't pp cotton. can you install backwashing front? There are two kinds of PP cotton filtration accuracy: 1 um and 5 uM. the reverse filtering accuracy is not as high as that. pp cotton is not expensive, or it is not convenient to figure it out. The diameter of PP cotton is about 1 micron, and the difference may be larger. It is not very expensive to change pp cotton. it may be about 20 yuan to go to the wholesale market. it is good to change one in three to six months. besides, carbon is also to be changed, carbon adsorption is to lose activity to a certain extent. it is necessary to change it anyway. it does not take much time to change it together. if it is manual, you must also rush frequently. If you want to reverse, it's better to change the front to a stainless steel UF. It is more expensive and should be washed frequently. Hello! I am glad to answer for you that the nominal accuracy of PP cotton is 1 micron, because pp cotton is part

Types of precision filters General scope: General reciprocating air compressor pre-filter material: filter impurities of multi-layer fiberglass filter element: 5 MICRON filter oil content: 5PPM maximum pressure: 16 g/cm maximum temperature: 65 ℃ general pressure difference: 0.Maximum differential pressure of 2 g/cm: 0.7 g/cm function: filter a large amount of oil and gas in compressed gas within 5PPM and filter out impurity particles to 5 MICRON general range: General spiral air compressor pre-filter material: multi-layer fiberglass filter impurities: 1 MICRON filter oil content: 0.5PPM maximum pressure: 16 g/cm maximum temperature: 65 °c general pressure difference: 0.Maximum differential pressure of 17 g/cm: 0.7 g/cm function: filter out oil and gas in compressed air to 0.5PPM to filter out impurity particles below 1 MICRON, general range: filter material after general air compressor: filter impurities of multi-layer glass fiber filter element: 0.01 MICRON filter oil content: 0.01PPM maximum pressure: 16 g/
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