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by:Dajin caster     2020-04-04
Use of castor not only promoted the progress of the society, but also for the development of our life also brought a great influence; Such as castor of casters in our furniture, chairs, and some large machinery in industry now, for the convenience of mobile are in accordance with the castor, you can imagine use castor brings much convenience for us. In life we see castor, isn't it, will be able to use the through production, it is also experienced a series of tests to packing, packaging, use. For different material of the test of castor, of course, it is not the same, so we went into the big into castor the professional manufacturer of casters, take a look at it is through what way to test was carried out on the caster, eventually become a qualified castor. 1, reciprocating wear testing: castor reciprocating wear test to simulate the casters in daily use the actual rolling, the two points with and without obstacles obstacles test test, in the process of test are not allowed to have a castor or other parts from, at the end of the test each castor should be able to drive its normal function, test after the completion of the caster roll, circuition or brake function should not be damaged. 2, salt spray corrosion test to detect target: test all kinds of bracket and other metal parts after surface treatment test resistance to salt fog corrosion situation, to ensure that the casters in the process of using functions meet the requirements of 3, resistance and corrosion resistance test: test the performance of castor should keep dry and clean, place the caster in a piece of insulation on the metal plate with the ground, keep the wheel edge in contact with the metal plate, on the caster wheel load of 5% to 10% of the nominal load. With the insulation resistance tester ( Nominal open circuit voltage of 500 v, determination of the resistance value of fluctuation within 10% and no more than 3 w) in the wastage of the products The electric resistance between castor and metal plate. In type conductive castor, resistance is not more than 104, and the resistance of the antistatic caster should be between 105 and 107. 4, impact test: any goods transportation, use, preservation and other situation will impact vibration may be produced and make the product a certain period of time can't normal use, the furniture with its type, weight and other characteristics are often vulnerable to the impact, and smooth at the bottom to determine whether furniture placed casters are more should have a good shock resistance. 5, static load test: castor should always be steady running on the ground, but it is almost a state of pure theory. On the uneven surface, or in a threshold, orbit and potholes, castor will brief off the ground. So when they suddenly overloaded or four casters in three only contact with the ground, must carry the entire load of furniture. 6, brake bracket fatigue test detection target: brake limit cycle use, in use process to ensure that meet customer requirements, to ensure quality. Through the above test we can see that even simple appearance is not very big a caster wheel, it is also through these tests can eventually to become a qualified castor products. Of course at the time of production we should according to the big into castor above a series of test method step by step operation, this is not only in ensuring the quality of the products, at the same time is also responsible for our products. This paper label: shock casters industrial truckle heavy-duty casters a: industrial castor unit conversion next: castor industry special noun explanation
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