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How the TPR wheel manufacturer production product screening

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-01
In working in the factory will often meet TPR wheel, because of its excellent performance has been more and more people recognize and use. But this is not to represent the each TPR wheel manufacturer can produce qualified products, many manufacturers will because of the existence of various benefit relations to produce defective products, and then sell to the masses of users, as consumers we should be how to put an end to this kind of problem happen? First formal TPR wheel manufacturers will have relevant drawings size etc, which are the second, the main or go through a variety of equipment inspection strictly, only the data is accurate. Here so TPR wheel a simple test method of steps. A weight-bearing walking, TPR wheel how do wear-resisting test: 1, TPR ( 65A- 90) 2, test, production of caster and is in line with the requirements, to ensure product quality. 3, no special environmental requirements, common indoor environment. 4, castor multi-function testing machine. Cool completely after 5, single wheel molding, riveting after completion of the finished product assembly. 6, 4% of the soft wheel to wheel diameter, rigid wheel, obstacles and wheel walking direction a 45 ° Angle, two obstacles placed alternately. 7, test standard: mainly to perform according to the standard requirements of the customers. 8, all TPR wheel normal random sampling of the products according to the conventional capacity of 1. Three times as much weight, 6 hours continuous walking; 1 load of incoming test according to routine. Three times as much weight, nine hours of continuous walking, no crack, flake and local excessive tyre wear; TPR wheel parts no more than normal damage and its influence use permanent deformation, bearing ( Set) Turn to normal, not loose and card plug phenomenon for qualified. TPR wheel using rules: 1, the function of the TPR wheel cannot be changed, also not affected by installation. 2, turn shaft must always vertical movement. 3, if use only universal wheels, they must be consistent. 4, fixed with shaft between TPR wheel must be on a straight line. 5, TPR wheel installed on the location of the design correct and reliable. 6, installation of TPR wheel bracket must have enough strength, materials must be reliable. Through the above knowledge, we use of TPR wheel rules and its detection method has a preliminary understanding, through the above methods we can very good to judge whether TPR wheel manufacturers to produce qualified products. The above method is just one kind of various testing methods, if you want to know other parameters data, can also use the corresponding test methods.
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