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How to avoid the trundle operation damage

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-01
Why castor damage in addition to more than its use fixed number of year, a lot of reasons are because we can not caused by normal operation; Improper operation caused damage of castor wheels, bracket, bearing and other parts of the culprit, so to avoid improper operation is to extend product life is the most direct and effective measures, improper operation of the cause of damage of the wheel has a lot of, we can according to our experience of operation, reduce the damage caused by our wrong operation. Through the following list by the end of the own work experience, that we learn together. 1, without the permission of the castor for structural change. 2, under high temperature condition to select special properties of castor. 3, in a timely manner to check whether there is foreign body castor wheel surface coil. 4, castor of each are not identical, the wheels of the different materials used in different environment 5, avoid caster operation too fast, the castor wheel surface and stents are likely to cause damage. 6, avoid castor homework finished, not loosen the brake, so that wear will be more serious for castor. 7, every caster has the largest capacity and impact load, must be used in rated range. 8, castor in special operations, often contact with corrosive substances, according to the specific use environment to use the wheels. Visit simple operation may cause great damage, we should attach importance to trundle every steps in use process, do it with the correct operation procedure, don't have the mindset of opportunistic. Besides according to product the given formal process operation, summary, you will often to make to easier in operation in the future, will be able to reduce the loss that causes castor damage to itself.
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