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How to better develop the universal casters quality standard system

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-30
We all know that quality is an important premise, universal wheel is popular to universal wheel quality directly depends on the positioning of the enterprise, it different positioning of universal wheel quality requirements is different, also from can see the quality of the products will know enterprise development direction. And not every enterprise has clear understanding on quality system, it needs good experience and strategic vision; So let's talk about how to better for universal casters such products quality standard system of a custom fit. Universal wheel quality standard requirements: 1, the size requirement: technical drawings standard requirements; 2, color requirement: in accordance with the sample order, BOM list or sealing requirements; 3, material requirements: according to the drawing requirements to choose; 4, brake, brake should be good at different bearing environment; 5, the bearing capacity: universal wheel diameter: 65 mm bearing: 100 kg, castor products outer surface quality requirement: surface gloss good, no, porosity, foaming, oil soluble seam defects, batch of feng, flash, concave and convex inequality; Table 7, wear resistance, bearing the weight of the requirements on the ordinary concrete, 50 circle turn clockwise, counterclockwise turn 50 circle ( Circles, each lap run time not less than 10 s, stay for 10 s) between two actions ; Ahead 500 meters, 500 meters back again, repeat this movement 2 times ( 1 m/S, for 1 minute between two action) Test after the completion of universal casters without damage, loss, flexible rotation, smooth; 8, hardware: neutral salt spray test for 10 hours, no rust; Can not have obvious burr, need to the plating, or electrophoresis process; With the plastic parts with good; Nine, environmental testing, harmful substance content should be consistent with QMH - J15. 001 hazardous substances control requirements; Universal wheel components in simple terms, it is mainly from the assembly, shaft sleeve, bearing, center of rivet and single wheel rotation. Bracket or activities is an important part of the USA. Shaft sleeve is iron, also can't literally turning. Turn the bearings have different models, mainly include single bearing, double bearings, economical and precise bearing of the bearing. Castor if want a better job, then completes the quality standard system is indispensable, it can give us a universal wheel to judge the good and the bad, then we will clearly know which universal casters which can not be used to use.
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