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How to better use pu castor baidu give you tips

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-29
How to better use pu castor baidu make out a coup, industrial casters bracket steel ball running parts, wheel bearing running parts should add lubricating oil regularly. The second is for regular cleaning wrapped around the caster stents steel parts operation, wheel bearing parts of the coiling operation or thread. Three is the most castor bracket is made of metal. Rust protection is very important for the service life of castor: to prevent rusting caster stents can daub anti-embroidered paint, anti-embroidered oil on a regular basis. Should buy normal manufacturer of industrial casters: put an end to use castor of fake and shoddy products. Castor production inspection, to strengthen the quality control of marketing chain heavy duty castor production enterprises should strengthen the quality management. Pu castor castor is known as the activity, its structure allows level rotate 360 degrees. Castor castor is a general designation, including activities and fixed castor. Fixed castor no rotational structure, not horizontal rotation only vertical rotation. This two kinds of casters are generally collocation with, such as the structure of the trolley is in front of two fixed wheel, behind near the armrest is driven by two active pu castor. So how to make better use of pu castor? Better use of polyurethane casters, need to pay attention to the points indicate the design the location of the caster must be installed in the factory. Installation of castor scaffold must have sufficient strength, to qualify for use when the weight bearing. Castor function cannot be changed, also not affected by installation. Turn shaft must always vertical movement. Fixed between the caster must instead of axle on a straight line. If only use rotating caster wheel, they must be consistent. How to better use pu castor baidu make out a coup, more news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 117. html
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