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How to carry out daily maintenance of heavy duty castor

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-14
Heavy-duty casters in various areas of the economy, has a wide range of applications, such as the textile industry, industry, etc are all had a very good use effect, compared with other truckle products, heavy caster wheel bearing capacity is higher, and the maintenance of such castor is more exquisite, because of heavy duty castor daily use frequency is high, and castor products use must surely have a loss, do regular maintenance, both to improve the applicability of castor, at the same time also can prolong the service life of castor, today let's take a look at castor products how to perform the maintenance. First of all, we need to be able to clear the material of all kinds of heavy-duty casters, different maintenance methods used by castor material is also not the same, such as polyurethane casters need maintenance should be xu Ao can avoid direct sunlight or is the infiltration water damage, but also to prevent contact with acid alkali etc material, heating device and distance meter, the other pu castor save the warehouse temperature can't more than 40 degrees, relative humidity can be controlled between fifty percent and eighty percent best. Now on the market demand of all kinds of different heavy duty castor is very broad, can satisfy the different requirements of heavy duty castor products buyers. Actually about heavy duty castor castor or other bearing ability, maintenance methods are the same, we understand thoroughly one of castor maintenance methods could follow. Want castor products can have a better use, we need to be able to ensure that the castor products for daily use can reduce the possibility of overload, overload for caster wheel wear degree is very severe, and castor due to overload also can increase the risk of transportation, if transport some precision instrument or mechanical equipment, trundle bearing surface is not enough problems will further affect the use of mechanical equipment. Castor products in most cases are bearing heavy burdens when they are going, and load cargo, we have to wait to give the heavy duty castor castor good lubrication processing equipment, and according to different transportation environment also targeted to consider, if use castor construction conditions more bad of the environment, can choose the hardness better castor. Heavy-duty casters in order to improve the bearing capacity of often with other components, so the experienced technical personnel when doing the castor test will also focus on design details of the parts and components such as caster wheel nut is easy to loose need regularly check whether stents under strong etc. Castor maintenance done daily, can extend the service life of casters, heavy-duty casters products are generally about three months a daub lubricating oil, castor products looks be like simple, actually should pay attention to details and matters needing attention are also more, I hope everyone can buy the suitable castor products, regular inspection work can also be put in place, so that they can better heavy-duty casters and other products to make. In general is carrying heavy goods and considering the walking distance is longer, the thickness of the steel plate is also increased, heavy-duty casters ( Between 8 to 12 mm) After cutting wheel frame, welding activities can use flat ball bearing wheel frame, so can make up for the defect of heavy duty castor no mobility, at the same time also can improve the ability of caster wheel bearing and impact resistance, etc. , these are all need to pay attention to details.
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