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How to carry out daily maintenance of the medical casters

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-14
Castor industry has had the very big breakthrough and innovation, and for the castor purchase, purchase suitable castor often bring better use effect, medical truckle is a important branch of castor, able to adapt to the demand of the medical industry extensively, but how to improve the applicability of casters products, extend the service life of castor, this also we can know the right castor nursing knowledge, today let's take a look at castor products what are daily care. The first and the most fundamental thing is that medical truckle to avoid overload, damage is very big, because the overload for castor products for a long time overload easy to damage the stability of casters products, but also affect the flexibility of the product, recommend to think about purchase castor products can be very poor in three biggest caster wheel bearing ability to consider, but the actual purchase four castor, so can largely avoid the castor overload problem. In addition, the caster after long time use also work regularly in the lubrication, this is in order to alleviate the pressure of castor outside, reduce the friction caused by contact with the ground, even the hardness higher castor is also not able to ignore the tiger castor product maintenance, but pu castor can do once a month lubrication and maintenance, etc. Again, most medical casters in the majority with stainless steel casters, such castor and beautiful appearance, and flexibility is good, but it is important to note that we choose stainless steel castor also need material segment, according to the corrosion resistance of stainless steel, chemical stability and so on also have different distinction, if stored chemicals, we can consider to take corrosion resistance and better medical casters. In addition, the use of medical truckle combined with the environment, if want to undertake castor transformation, etc. , need to be done by a professional team, because part of the castor products is consider to use the combination products, such as emergency hospital bed, the stability of the equipment is very important, can't change, if want to increase stability, can consider increasing the caster wheel support plate thickness. Finally, medical truckle after using for a year or a quarter is best able to make a comprehensive inspection, if found appearance wear serious castor that change in time, castor products belong to high frequency to use one of the products, wear is also very normal, as long as it is within the scope of normal wear and tear is no problem, just think about castor products to replace the best we can choose the original factory, original manufacturer can provide original parts, even if some of the parts damage can also be timely repair, reduce the purchase cost. For buyers to purchase medical casters, grasp the product quality is very important, it's essential to choose on the high quality manufacturer, we can know in advance which manufacturer is by spectrum and so on, generally speaking, the high quality manufacturer will according to the requirement of the purchaser specific to recommend related products to customers, don't know if it's for medical truckle friends can refer to the manufacturer to give advice. Medical truckle demand is also growing, now all kinds of medical truckle detail processing is also to be more perfect, but want to have a better use effect still need to choose the suitable products, hope that we can have the right to buy the castor products, so that they can make.
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