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How to choose appropriate caster wheel size?

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-20
Universal wheel, adjust the foot manufacturer, in fact, when we look at castor for equipment use degree of dependence is low frequency or high frequency. Such as tool for material handling equipment ( Logistics trolley, cart, etc. ) Type belongs to the high frequency, and those who merely to equipment convenient move but not frequent equipment ( Furniture, electrical appliances, industrial equipment, etc. ) Type belongs to the low frequency. Castor using high frequency equipment, usually with larger diameter of casters, such as logistics car usually use 4 inch, 5 inch casters, trolley according to different load requirements using 4 ~ 8 inch range. Castor type using low frequency devices commonly used low center of gravity of the caster and 3 inch and below. Look at the weight of the equipment weight or transportation equipment in full load requirements. Choose the right size according to the load bearing requirement. See using the environment. If you use environment road surface level off, can choose smaller diameter caster; If using the environment the road is not flat, it needs to choose the larger diameter castor, general with castor could on the uneven road surface smoothly push is advisable. When we choose any products can only consider unilateral factors on one hand, and to comprehensive factors. Before buying, if I can't decide, as far as possible is consulting the factory first, of course, if the good faith and experienced manufacturers.
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