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by:Dajin caster     2020-04-10
With the continuous development of caster, caster in a wide variety of products on the market let us dazzling, how to choose their own products castor, already let users has become a problem. So how to buy? Small make up to introduce here until the caster and castor choice need to consider some factors: one, choose the appropriate castor: usually use nylon wheel material, rubber, polyurethane, elastic rubber, the iron core of polyurethane, cast iron, plastic, etc. Polyurethane wheel driving both indoor and outdoor ground, all can satisfy the operating requirements of users. Elastic rubber tires can be used in the hotel, medical equipment, wooden floor, ceramic tile for driving quiet when driving on the ground. Nylon wheel, wheel for uneven ground or on the ground with the material such as iron filings. Second, how to correctly choose caster stents: usually choose appropriate caster stents first consider the weight of the caster wheel load, such as supermarkets, schools, hospitals, office buildings, hotels and other places, because the ground is good, smooth and light processing, ( Each of the caster wheel load in 50 - 150公斤) , suitable to choose 3 - 4 mm steel sheet metal forming plating wheel frame, wheel box is light, flexible operation, quiet and beautiful. In factories and warehouses, and other fields, therefore, cargo handling is very frequent, overloading ( Each of the caster wheel load in 150 - 680公斤) Select 5 -, suitable for thick steel plate 6 mm stamping hot forging and welding double volleyball wheel frame. If used to transport heavy objects such as textile, auto, machinery factory and other places, because of the heavy load and long walking distance ( Each of the caster wheel load in 700 - 2500公斤) , should choose 8 - 12 mm thick steel plate welding rear wheel frame, wheel frame is made of flat ball bearings and ball bearings on the floor, make until castor can withstand overload, flexible rotation, collision, and other functions. Three, how to calculate the weight capacity of castor: in order to calculate the bearing capacity of the various kinds of casters, need to know the weight of the transport equipment, the maximum load and use the single wheel and castor. Single or castor wheels for bearing capacity calculation are as follows: T = ( E + Z) / M * N, T = single wheel or the required weight of castor, E = transport equipment weight, Z = wheels and casters, safety coefficient (N = About 1. 3 - 1. 5) 。 Four, the size of the caster to choose diameter: the larger the diameter is usually the wheels easy to promotion, the bigger bearing capacity and better able to protect the ground from damage, wheel diameter size should first consider the choice of load and load under the weight of the vehicle at the time of starting thrust. Five, the stability of the flexibility of the rotation of the wheels: rotate the bigger the cost of single wheel, needle roller bearing can be carrying overloaded, rotational resistance. Installation of the high quality ball bearing, single wheel to carry heavier loads, turning more lightweight, flexible and quiet. Six, product temperature conditions: cold, the impact of high temperature casters, such as polyurethane wheels in - 45 ℃ low temperature, flexible rotation, high temperature under 270 ℃ high temperature rotary high sowing. The user can choose according to the above six castor for purchase. Until the caster is one specialized is engaged in the castor production, complete products, high quality, high performance of the enterprise, if a user has some problems in castor choice, can seek advice until the castor, castor will concentrate on until answer your question. Well, wrote so many, everybody got it? If still can't figure out, you can contact our customer service QQ800045780 or telephone 86 - 021 - Small until 59993780, will wholeheartedly for you to solve all aspects castor confusion, of course, if you have the castor customization requirements, we can help you customize the castor!
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