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by:Dajin caster     2020-04-24
In daily life, the applicable scope of the castor, although it seems very simple, yet it is such a simple accessories for many industries is of vital significance, so since castor with a wide range of practical, when considering the purchase of castor products also need to pay attention to what aspects? In medium casters, for example summarizes the following considerations castor the choose and buy. Is first consider the material of medium-sized castor, have more common castor material on market in general rubber, polyurethane, elastic rubber, plastic, etc. , the range of different material can adapt and bearing capacity are different, so consumers when considering the purchase of castor should combine reality, can't blind choose, if the caster wheel bearing capacity requirement is higher, the choice of the polyurethane material such as intensity bigger is better. Because this material both in indoor and outdoor industrial operation can meet the demand of transport. And elastic roller is more suitable for hotel, medical equipment and so on, because the elastic rubber friction with the ground. Another is the stent of medium-sized castor, the stent should consider bearing limits of medium-sized castor, medium-sized castor is generally found in supermarkets, schools and other places, where the design of the ground, the ground smooth, are not very difficult to handle, so considering each medium trundle bearing force only 50 kg to one hundred and fifty kg. Such bearing range of castor choose steel sheet stamping forming of electroplating stents. In general, the trundle bearing the weight of the range, the greater the need of plating thickness of stents will increase accordingly. So consumers when considering the purchase of medium-sized castor must measure each trundle bearing requirements, through the weight of transport equipment, the maximum load and the number of castor etc. Comprehensive consideration, especially in industrial operations, many parameters need to be made sure, so don't miss the whole work efficiency. Then there is considering the diameter of the caster wheel size, usually the bigger caster wheel diameter is more easy to drag, but the greater the diameter of the caster wheel is not easy to put, rotation is not flexible, so consumers also need to know, caster wheel diameter is not the bigger the better, considering the size of the diameter when consider the flexibility of rotation. Now, there are many industrial tire manufacturers on the market, but not every one is the most suitable, so consumers better able to choose when considering the purchase of medium-sized castor has certain awareness of the brand, because they provide truckle products are relatively more reliable quality. Castor belongs to the long-term use of the product and quality also is very important, although the brand, the price will be somewhat initiated, but considering the service life, product performance and so on, the price also is pretty good, suggest consumers to compare several more castor products offered by different manufacturers. The last point is considered castor environmental conditions, including temperature, if extreme conditions such as extreme heat or cold environment for castor normal life will have great influence, so considering the castor also want to consider how to use the environment, for example, the choice under the environment of high temperature resistant to high temperature casters is better. Above are some considerations about how to choose castor, hope for consumers in the actual choice can bring some help.
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