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by:Dajin caster     2020-04-04
Commonly used transportation tool cart is our daily life, depending on the number of casters are divided into the wheelbarrow, two carts, three-wheeled carts, four-wheeled cart. The round plastic tablet carts are more widely use and operation is simple. We should be how to choose the suitable trolley casters? First, according to a cart load of check and ratify, the plastic flat cart load within 300 kg, so castor single wheel bearing at about 100 kg. Suggest using 4 inches or more than 4 inches of castor is better, because the wheels, the greater the more easily when driving. Second, according to the using situation of the trolley, if floor paint workshop, electronic workshop or hotel for quieter occasions, it is recommended to use TPR or polyurethane, have effect of mute casters. Third, in the case of satisfy the above two conditions, to confirm whether the installation hole spacing and castor plastic from the mounting holes on the flat car. Because the conventional medium on market castor mounting hole spacing is 45 mm * 74 mm, and this kind of plastic flat car mounting hole spacing generally is 84 mm * 71 mm. Medium-sized castor if not found suitable mounting holes distance, also can use heavy duty castor instead of directly, because the pitch of the installation of heavy duty castor and mounting holes of the plastic pallet truck from the same, but the price of heavy duty castor price is more expensive than medium castor, but quality is much better. Fourth, to install the trolley casters, suggested two directional wheel with two wheels, and universal wheel to install near to the side of the handle. This method of installation is better control the direction of the cart. Zhongshan big into castor co. , LTD is a production of various specifications of the series of industrial casters, casting products, electroplating products, industrial trolley, stamping sheet metal, plastic, PU casting and other products of professional manufacturers. Company in line with the management principle of 'people-oriented', brought together a group of mechanical processing, materials engineering, industrial automation, marketing professionals, committed to the improvement of technical level and the development of new products, strive for more products to become customers of qualified suppliers. Hotline: 400 600 - 8532 this paper label: industrial casters heavy-duty casters mute casters high temperature casters a: big into shock castor castor next up: the most amazing heavy load polyurethane caster tough
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