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How to correctly install castor

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-02
Castor, correct installation allows equipment handling and moving objects is a lot easier, but with different sets of castor installation, will produce different influence the performance of devices of mobile, wanda castor is the following several more popular castor installation method, provide the relevant function analysis. Install three casters, all three universal wheel installation are only for the universal wheel, apply to the barrel or small equipment handling, good mobility than assembly with the specifications of the 4 wheel installation. Install 3 castor, only one universal wheel, two directional wheel two directional wheel and a universal wheel installation are only applicable to the low center of gravity and MLJ short-distance transport equipment, good direction controlling, economy. Install four castor, of which two wheels, two directional two directional and two universal wheel combination is a traditional way of assembly, apply to the long-range transport of heavy equipment, economy is durable. Install four casters, all for the directional wheel four directional wheel diamond layout design, suitable for heavy equipment is longer than the straight line distance carrying, cannot be used in the slope face. Install four castor, of which two directional wheel, two wheels of two directional wheel and two universal wheel installation, using two directional wheel on both sides, two universal wheel at both ends, directional wheel is higher than the universal wheel, the assembly is suitable for a long slope of the road. Install four casters, all for the universal wheel four universal wheel installation suitable for the long-range transport of heavy equipment, excellent directional, are often used to have a contact surface of slope. Install 6 casters, of which four wheels, two directional round four wheels and two directional wheel method suitable for heavy equipment and homely mesa long handle, good maneuverability, used to have a level of contact surface. Shanghai caster, casters
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