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How to correctly install the casters

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-01
Castor is a finished product, it is through a lot of material processing and eventually became the truckle products expo. Rather than say good processing will be able to use it, but through before it can be normal use in conjunction with other things; A single wheel is unable to run, or it does not carry objects. So we have to install it in the place where we need to facilitate our bearing and mobile. How to correct the castor to the desired installation equipment, it will refer to some of the castor related knowledge; It cannot optional installation, also cannot careless, according to its situation and correct castor installation order to operate. How to correctly install castor: 1, if the installation activities and fixed wheels, so you should pay attention to cooperate with the same series of products to use; 2, if it is fixed castor installed in a horizontal state to install; 3, if the caster is activity, please keep the rotation axis in vertical condition for installation; 4, after confirm the connection parts fixed, choose proper size of screws, nuts, washers, etc. , insert the mounting holes, tighten the caster until no gap, so as not to loose. Particularly in screw screw in installation, proper torque tighten hexagonal department, please. Avoid excessive twist into the axis of rotation caused by inflation, cause fracture. 5, castor with double brake when installation, please avoid braking in ON the status of the screw into the installation, because that would cause the damage deformation of the brake, and performance deterioration. Everything is justified, only to turn any things simple, streamline your operation is very easy; The same goes for the same castor, which in turn in order operation, to avoid the problems caused by wrong operation, you can easily master the castor installation steps.
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