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How to correctly use castor

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-11
How to correctly use castor: 1, avoid to use car, tractor trailer to haul. 2, avoid when carrying weight to one side. 3, to avoid giving any impact ( Such as from falling have head, vibration, forklift, fork impact) 。 4, for a fixed wheel, avoid applying do not agree with fixed wheel direction of rotation of coercive power. 5, please use wear shoes feet fully trample brake lever. 6, please do not operate the brake lever in the walk. 7, universal casters under braking condition, optional drive is prohibited. Eight, please don't optional to modify products, renovation, coating, dissolves, after transforming any consequences caused by 9, avoid more than the wheel load bearing load. There, avoid the uneven and sharp in the outstanding work on the ground. 11, avoid the castor for original purpose of use, or unloading him down and installed on other devices. 12, avoid placed in the radioactive heat such as fire places. 13, please avoid excessive force trample brake control device, and avoid using the hammer, and other rigid thing. no. 14, castor under braking condition, optional drive is prohibited. 15, please confirm the brake in the lift to move. / news_73。
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