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How to define the caster wheel load reference standards

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-01
Castor should always be on the ground running steadily. However, it is almost a state of pure theory. On the uneven surface, or in the door, orbit and potholes, castor will briefly from the ground. So, when they are suddenly overloaded or when only three of the four casters only contact with the ground, must carry the entire load. When when calculating the weight, it must be taken into consideration. As a result, the following formula provides the necessary safety margin: equipment of loading weight divided by 3. Given all weight is according to the applicable to dynamic load of EN ( European standard) Standard to determine the 12526 to 12533. In addition, we have listed all the indicators products and can withstand a static load information. Castor deadweight of the reference standard: a, choose suitable wheel rack first consider the weight of the caster wheel bearing such as supermarkets, schools, hospitals, office buildings, hotels and other places, because the floor is good, the smooth handling of the goods is lighter, suits to choose in sheet metal stamping forming plating wheel frame, the wheel frame is light, flexible operation, quiet and beautiful, the plating wheel frame in accordance with the ball bearing arrangement is divided into double row bead and single bead. If often move or application of double row in the bead. B, in the place such as factories and warehouses, cargo handling is very frequent and heavy load is suitable for use with thick steel plate stamping hot forging and welding of double row ball wheel. C, if used for carrying heavy objects such as textile, automobile factories, factory machinery factory and other places, because the charge big factories within walking distance, Each trundle bearing in 350 - only 1200公斤) , therefore, should choose to thick steel plate, 8 - 12毫米) After cutting wheel frame, welding activities wheel rack flat ball bearing and ball bearing on the floor, make the castor can withstand the heavy loading, flexible rotation, impact resistance, etc. When trundle to move or to manipulate it, power must be on the object to the caster and overcome resistance. Resistance depends on various factors: the size of the load, the wheel diameter, material and the surface of the round shape; Castor suspension; Bearing type and size; And, of course, castor field operation. Therefore, when in choosing appropriate castor, careful coordination of all these factors so as to adapt to each other is very important. Different caster and its weight is not the same, no matter how it change the formula as long as you master it, you will be able to use it well. At the same time we also according to different places, the environment to choose different reference standards, different environment, different castor, specific environment specific analysis.
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