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How to define the wear resistance ability of heavy pu castor?

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-29
At the levels of no obstacle test bench (70000 times H heavy-duty casters) Or 20000 times ( W type heavy-duty casters) 。 In the process of test is not allowed to have a heavy pu castor or other parts from, at the end of the test each heavy pu castor should be able to drive its normal function, after the completion of the test for heavy duty caster roll, circuition or brake function should not be damaged. Spirit, bearing, bearing, spirit is engineering plastics, suitable for cold summer dry, wet and strong corrosion of all kinds of bad environment, and durable. How to define the wear resistance ability of heavy pu castor? Polyurethane caster wheel bearing determines the mobility of the casters and that the quality of the caster wheel, only different places on the caster and bearing is not the same; As we saw in the supermarket shopping cart above castor with polyurethane casters used in factory workshop is different, the main difference between the two is to withstand the weight is different, supermarket shopping cart caster wheel bearing capacity is small, the factory workshop often carry heavy items, so the material of castor and bearing has great demands. One ball bearing: precision machinery processing, suitable for the wheel rotation of load demand is higher, low noise and flexible rotation. Pu castor manufacturers & # 8203; In type conductance heavy pu castor, resistance is not more than 104, and the resistance of the heavy duty castor should be between 105 and 107. Ball bearing: this kind of bearing is suitable for driving high requirements, to promote frequent occasions, it has the characteristics of dynamic load capacity, promote flexible, but in terms of static load capacity, to receive strength evenly in ball bearing. Heavy duty castor reciprocating wear test to simulate the heavy-duty casters in the scroll of daily use, the two points with and without obstacles obstacles test test, the heavy duty castor installed correctly put to the test platform, each test heavy pu castor load of 300 n, test frequency is ( 6 - 8) Times/min, a test cycle including 1 m and 1 m back to reverse a movement back and forth, with an obstacle in ( Metal obstacles, 50 mm wide, 2 mm - 3毫米) Test platform to test 5000 times ( H heavy-duty casters) Or 30000 times ( W type heavy-duty casters) 。 Heavy pu castor should keep dry and clean place heavy duty castor on a piece of insulation on the metal plate with the ground, keep the wheel edge in contact with the metal plate, with heavy duty casters on the load of 5% to 10% of the nominal load. With the insulation resistance tester ( Nominal open circuit voltage of 500 v, determination of the resistance value of fluctuation within 10% and no more than 3 w) in the wastage of the products Electric resistance between the heavy-duty casters and the metal plate. Heavy pu castor wheels can according to customer's need to match different bearings, each kind of collocation can be applied to different products equipment, here are some basic introduction of bearing. Ball bearing: one ball bearing relative to the same specification, it has the carrying capacity of heavier, more even, the static residual bearing capacity more characteristic, is suitable for the requirements of high bearing weight of industry. Pu castor bearing classification: heavy duty caster wheel on the ground steadily run is a state of pure theory. Heavy duty castor static load test process is to heavy-duty casters in horizontal smooth steel with screws testing platform, along the direction of the center of gravity of heavy pu castor 24 h 800 n force to maintain, will force excluding check heavy-duty casters status after 24 h, after the experiment measured the deformation of heavy duty castor does not exceed 3% of the wheel diameter and heavy caster wheel rolling experiment is completed, the circuition or brake function has no damage is qualified. ( )
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