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How to do pu castor commonly used fresh

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-30
How pu castor commonly used fresh, pu castor daily used properly can greatly improve the efficiency of its transport operation, at the same time also can reduce the transportation cost, castor products are generally combined products, castor balance is very important, so value specific bearing range of requirements, pu castor bearing capacity is limited, so the freight volume of the corresponding weight also want to consider good, try not to exceed the scope is pu castor's carrying, nip in the bud, mechanical operation of the need to avoid the harm of pu castor, if must need to transport more than castor itself bearing capacity beyond the range of the goods, then do to minimize the direct damage to the caster, light with light, and don't place a long time, as soon as possible will be overweight goods unloaded. Castor products in most cases are bearing heavy burdens when they are going, so with that in mind, as far as possible let casters used in road construction is a great location, if also can reduce the loss of everyday, castor purchase quantity also needs more than the number of casters need as far as possible, so can also be irreparable damage in castor equipment can change in time, do not delay the castor transportation of daily work. Polyurethane casters used material is more, will give buyers more options, but specific to choose what kind of material of pu castor or want to consider combining with specific environmental requirements, for example, if the long-term use in harsh environments, it is better to adopt special castor, for example high pressure is good, wear-resisting castor material, such as pu castor range is widely used, because this material caster can use chemical environment, and cold environment, etc. The applicability of the strong to the environment. Again, castor parts inspection also is very important, in use after a period of time may create a stent or nut loose, castor parts need to check, if the wheel axle signs of loosening, handle in time. Castor if serious wear and tear, that is about to change in time. How to do pu castor commonly used fresh, more news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 186. html
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