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by:Dajin caster     2020-04-17
- Adjust the foot - 【 Industrial casters 】 The manufacturer as a universal wheel, adjust the foot castor workers in the field of procurement, I usually work often involves the castor procurement. Now fast development of logistics industry, for the growing demand for castor, there are often met in the middle of the specific work to consult with my friend, I, as the personage inside course of study also can share with you a few castor procurement experience. First first purchase castor, must first to find out about some several castor plant field. Can generally or field to understand some of the castor plant information on the Internet, and then pick out a few field understand each feel good castor manufacturers. Worthy of mention is that castor manufacturers all over the country, as long as it is the old factory is has the certain strength, otherwise can't live so long, and different manufacturers castor sales situation is different. Second, the choice of purchase castor model, said about the price. Castor specifications is the basic work of determining key or want to talk about good order prices. Here have the experience to say, some of the castor model may be sold very hot, and even reached the demand situation, this time is absolutely not in this type of castor castor manufacturers have price concessions. And some models, especially the new caster type, old factory often face competition in the market have to innovation. Sometimes anticipation to the old type caster wheel may be out of date, so there will be appropriate in terms of new models of price concessions. Overall, castor purchasing experience is roughly similar to the same, but in the concrete to the caster wheel contact business cooperation under the order of time all have more or less the skill and experience.
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