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How to fixed or installation of high and low temperature test chamber castor

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-12
High and low temperature test chamber after the split open a case to fixed installation of equipment, location, please according to the requirements of the installation space, to confirm the size, to ensure the maintenance space and open space; First installation, the equipment should be placed on level ground, the box body and the level of proofreading. If the case no level in the process of trial run, may lead to malfunction. High and low temperature test chamber of caster wheel installed in a test box at the bottom of the four corners, adjustment method is as follows: 1, lift wheel. 2, fixed base. 3, mobile wheel. A, mobile test chamber: lifting wheel clockwise, fixed base will move up, the rotation of each wheel lifting table, so that the fixed base each wheel off the ground, to ensure that all mobile wheel on the ground, at this time would be convenient mobile device to the desired location. B, fixed test chamber: the box body after moving to the desired location, counterclockwise to lower lifting table, will move roller rises, make contact with the ground fixed base, make the basic fixed. The extra box body whether level is measured with a level. By lifting wheel to adjust the height of the body parts, each part elevator stop rotating wheel after transferred to the appropriate location, ensure the level of the test chamber when ShanHe in production and sale of industrial casters dedicated castor, various models complete, if you want to know more, welcome to inquire.
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