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How to guarantee the quality of castor production is castor manufacturers

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-08
Castor manufacturer to ensure the quality of casters in the process of production need to pay attention to three things: first is the inspection of raw materials, raw materials into the factory should have formalities complete quality certificate, guarantee the quality of the materials used to meet the design requirements, after the material into the factory must all re-inspection ( Including raw material chemical composition analysis and mechanical performance experiment) Unqualified, resolutely banned. Second, the production process to strictly control each link, must carry out strict inspection, to have detailed inspection records and strict supervision process. Production should be clear in the inspection and test status identification, ensure the production activities, a reasonable and orderly manner. By inspectors inspection marks a transition in each process, without identification, identification error, the unqualified parts are not allowed to transfer order. The procedure shall have the right to refuse to accept the not qualified products. Finally the finished product storage to full inspection before and have the detailed record and the product is finished product identification and traceability. Quality assurance department shall regularly carry out quality analysis, to the quality problems of timely hold the quality analysis, timely take effective preventive and corrective measures, timely treatment and make records and archives. At the same time also has a perfect customer service system, regular service, feedback the quality information, improve the quality of the products in a timely manner. Test with measuring instruments and instrument should be calibrated regularly, ensure that measuring instruments used in the manufacturing and testing, instrument used for the period of validity of the test, and ensure its effectiveness. Correctly handle the relationship between cost and quality should maintain a reasonable quality of the products, mainly including three aspects: 1) Product life cycle, is reasonable, the use of the product cycle is refers to the products put into use after purchase to not be able to use the scrap of time. The reasonable time to do. Both to be able to meet user demand for quality, and to consider the product life cycle in the market. 2) , is the quality of the product should be kept in an appropriate range. Castor manufacturers should do an effective positioning for the product quality, such as bearing within the scope of use fixed number of year, or market prices fluctuate, yes enterprise products to achieve the optimization of quality and price, give full play to the brand market competitiveness of products. 3) , the product function is reasonable, the function of the product, the more the better is a myth to improve quality. Such as brake, anti-static, wind cover, impact resistance and other multi-function castor for most consumers either unnecessary or repeated, but these unnecessary functions is at the cost of the rising cost of products.
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