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How to have a foothold - mechanical equipment in high temperature resistant ship

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-08
Its color is black, a wheel surface is not particularly beautiful, give a person the overall feel of the tall is missing a little. And it is also the existence of the unique, because it will determine the value of the using properties, I usually call this wheel round high temperature resistant. High temperature resistant wheel type are many, generally can be divided into heavy resistance to high temperature wheel, universal high temperature resistant, industrial high temperature resistant, etc. And this kind of wheels are not common, only in some special industries and USES we can see its shadow; Literally we can very good understanding of what is high temperature resistant wheel, which is relative to other casters, it can be used normally operate at high temperatures. Stents are used in high temperature resistant round selects high quality steel, through galvanized processing; Good acid and alkali resistance, anti-oxidation effect, etc. Its bearing all use high-quality precision stainless steel bearing, so as to improve the performance of high temperature resistant wheel, and ensures the caster wheel can enhance the flexible use of its durability performance. High-temperature wheel under the high temperature operation can be 230 to 280 ℃ high temperature resistant, is several times higher than general heat resistance performance and even a few times, so with some food factory, the tobacco industry, ceramic industry is very advantage, for the use of some special mechanical equipment is a very common, such as machinery and equipment such as oven, oven, due to its own will produce high temperature, so the general wheels are not suitable for, also is only suitable for high temperature resistant round it needs. When used in large oven, oven, should according to their own capacity, demand, using different heavy resistance to high temperature or universal high-temperature chakras. By means of high temperature resistant round continuously technology development and research, now produced have high performance conditions of use, high temperature resistant round tensile, impact resistance, compressive strength and other advantages; Due to the exquisite production technology, has now meets the requirements of different user groups, at the same time if you have special requirements of customers can according to demand specific customization.
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