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How to identify the nylon casters -

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-21
Universal wheel, adjust the feet manufacturers now have a lot of manufacturers in order to save cost, thus called the plastic material to produce castor nylon wheel, nylon wheel and plastic wheel both prices vary considerably, appearance is very similar, even can be said to be the same. Based on cost savings, some manufacturers can only focus on their price and ignore the quality of the caster wheel, for some of the weight is not very large machinery, plastic wheel can use, but for the capacity of large mechanical equipment, plastic wheel will not be able to use. In order to avoid you fall for it, we will feature list of the nylon wheel. In general, the color of the finished product is light yellow or milk white nylon round, as a result of nylon is high polymer material, so has high mechanical strength, can achieve the strength of the metal materials. Two castor appraisal methods below give you a brief introduction: a, use the hammer, testing its hardness, if you buy wheel hard enough, so is the nylon wheel, on the contrary, if very soft, so is the plastic wheel. Second, the combustion method. 1, nylon ( PA) : not easy combustion, the combustion with the smell of burning hair, after the burning surface of the bubble, and viscous filaments. Nylon PA: 2, high temperature combustion status again, but after burn surface with white powder. 3, polyurethane, PU) : easy burning, burning light white smoke from time to tome, easy to melt, without stimulating smell, sticky filaments.
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