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How to identify the quality of the caster wheel?

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-02
Heavy duty castor refers to the caster wheel load capacity is larger, is told in the depending on the load bearing ability of the castor, actually is usually is no clear boundaries, generally from 500 kg to 15 tons, even higher load castor, called heavy-duty casters. Heavy duty castor castor English is Heavy duty caster or Heavy duty castor, particularly Heavy load of Heavy duty castor English is Extra Heavy duty casters or Extra Heavy duty castors. At present, the domestic professional castor many service providers, on how we choose a professional and service is not only good caster company is very important, the user must have purpose choice for heavy duty caster service providers, and can not blindly pursue low price, in order to avoid because of the reason of castor, causes the damage of the product loaded, causing some damage to property. Choice of heavy-duty casters professional service providers, general can solve the problem of a lot of heavy duty castor choice, can also according to your need to give you professional technical service and consulting. How to distinguish the quality of castor: 1, from the perspective of the stent appearance of heavy duty casters, caster wheel of the surface of the steel bracket and beautiful, no burr, thickness must be uniform, thus ensuring the quality of load; 2, for heavy duty caster stents galvanized: to prevent rust, common use galvanized process, check the caster wheel brackets should be galvanized uniform luster; 3, heavy duty caster stents welding, welding steel plate should be smooth, there should be no leakage welding, funnelled etc. 4, the size of the commonly used heavy duty castor wheels; 5, check the appearance of the heavy-duty casters: smooth surface, no dent, uniform color, no obvious color difference; 6, check the universal wheel overall effect: the roof rotates, every ball should can be, and the surface of the steel plate through contact force should be homogeneous, flexible rotation, no noticeable pause phenomenon; 7, check heavy-duty casters use bearing quality: heavy duty castor turns should not have obvious jump phenomena;
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