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How to improve the damping capacity of polyurethane casters

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-30
How to improve the damping ability of polyurethane casters, caster in use, is bearing a lot of the time people don't pay attention to a detail. Different bearing function, capacity, use fixed number of year, price difference is very big. How can for the customers to buy castor series products from castor use bearing, found that castor whether there is any quality problem, it is very important. Castor has no bearing it castor big role, lost value. Bearing, therefore, not only from the size, specification, weight, material to consider above and to the wheel, wheel diameter and rotational speed, castor Yan mobile distance, etc. For different using environment have different requirements: factory with castor is different from firms with casters, tool for castor is different from a hospital bed with light-duty castor, shopping cart with the requirements of the caster must be completely different from those for carrying heavy load in the factory of the caster. The ordinary bearing - Castor of sliding bearing is the simplest form of bearing or friction. They can shock, almost no maintenance, and on the basis of the characteristics of materials, corrosion resistant. Roller bearing - In addition to its wear-resisting and deep groove ball bearing, the strong seismic bearing is mainly used to transport equipment casters. Compared with other bearing, roller bearing for its extremely low installation height, the relatively low rolling resistance and is famous for its great weight. Equipped with roller bearing wheel speed of not more than 4 km/h, close to people walking speed. A tapered bearing - Cone bearing is one of the most important part of the roller bearing. Compared with the ordinary bearing, their special advantage to expand the use of field, can provide the moving characteristic of improvement. Ball bearing - - - - - - - The unique design, and conform to the German industrial standards ( DIN) Single rotate precision ball bearing is a bearing of the highest quality models. With the ball bearing wheel even carrying the maximum load, remained very low rolling resistance. How to improve the damping ability of pu castor, more news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 196. html
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