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How to increase the rate of qualified of castor

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-07
The caster and expression way of varied, there are also people often say that industrial casters everyone acquaint with of universal casters, either way the wheels need to pass each machining program is made and be become. Although each wheels have to undergo the same process, but not every castor completely qualified, in the middle of may because of uncertain factors affect its percent of pass, then it need us to see, to analyze, then according to our experience to find unqualified products, we also can produce operation by previous experience in the process of increasing the percent of pass, these are the methods that we can try. On a post or a type of work time is long, we will be on their field have a subconscious intuition and experience, it not only can help you find the existence of the problem can be found that the problem in advance, thus we can find a problem to solve it according to this method. And this ability is not everyone can do, it will vary from person to person, also varies according to the contact length, early so we have to do is to constantly learning, to see, to know, so we can learn more different knowledge of castor to consolidate our later work. General we can according to a standard to judge the operation is correct, we implemented mainly through the following steps: 1, the efficiency of caster wheel on the axis of rotation, castor wheel surface have a beating, the deflection condition; 2, caliper quantity castor material thickness, pulley, wheel width, total height; 3, weight after installation, can try to pull rotation. Both industrial casters and universal casters, our previous methods are the same, although there are a lot of evaluation methods, but how important is the product itself with you request, then we can according to the requirements for specific operation. Installation height and the rotation radius of castor whether meets our requirements, is to determine whether this wheel can reach the standard of a test criterion. And universal casters bead plate clearance is too large, and a series of test criterion is enough to help us judge the castor method, anyhow we found in the operation at the same time, more want to question, to increase the qualified rate.
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