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How to judge whether pu castor with the bearing capacity of the needed

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-30
How to judge whether pu castor with the bearing capacity of the needed? Recently with the rise of the industrial revolution, the more and more equipment need to move, castor is applied more and more widely in the whole world, all walks of life almost inseparable from the caster. In the modern along with the continuous development of science and technology, the equipment is becoming more and more multifunctional and high utilization rate, caster has become an indispensable part. The development of the castor is more specialized and became a special industry. Wheel material soft hard choices: usually have nylon wheel, wheel super polyurethane wheel, high-strength polyurethane wheel, high strength synthetic iron, iron, cheer. Super polyurethane wheel, high-strength polyurethane wheel in both indoor and outdoor floor, can meet the requirements of your handling; High strength synthetic lugs can apply to hotels, medical apparatus and instruments, floors, wooden floor, ceramic tile ground for low noise quiet on the ground when walking driving; Nylon wheel, wheel which can be applied to uneven or there are materials such as scrap iron on the ground; While pep talk round applies to soft light load and road surface is not flat. Shelves carry refers to put the plastic pallet packing of the goods on the shelf when the maximum weight allowed. It is important to note that dynamic load, static load, the difference between the library shelves load and vertical load, the bearing capacity of different and shelf structure, there is a close relationship between environment temperature and storage period. Can generally overloaded tray in beam type bearing 0 on the shelf. 7T- 1 t, standard tray bearing 0. 4 t - 0. 6 t。 Shelves carry the permanent deformation of plastic tray and deflection has certain requirements, for maximum 30 mm deflection of national standard, but the partial width. We recommend using deflection on shelves for no more than 20 mm plastic tray. If it is automatic stereoscopic warehouse, some, but also strict with deflection of general requirements within 10 mm. How to judge whether pu castor with the bearing capacity of the needed? More news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 172. html
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