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How to load test was carried out on the pu castor?

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-05
Mobile store content ark can freely in any corner of the room, according to people need to change position. And store content box with industrial pu castor is more flexible, not only to sort items store, to save space can also according to the usage of top-down stack packed the box, using light, more conducive to clean. How to load test was carried out on the pu castor? We also according to the back of the wheel load test, the test after the use of the wheel durability have improved significantly. Receive a space of the bedroom is always limited, need to store items seemed endless, want a moment tidy bedroom, in addition to the careful care, ingenious use of every inch of bedroom space is necessary, the industry of polyurethane casters will play an unexpected effect. When it's pu castor installation super-heavy pu castor is good enough to determine the installation height of pu castor, this installation height means from the ground to the distance between the installation position of pu castor, pu castor according to the diameter of the different specifications are also different. Polyurethane casters at the time of installation from the installation of floor to the pu castor wheel remote maximum distance, the distance is the vertical distance, so the distance calculation can be more accurate. Welding is a manufacture specializing in the production of industrial pu castor a common process, usually by two or more materials, through different ways of welded together, become a pu castor welding. At present there are mainly manual welding and automatic welding two welding methods. The use of technology for CO2 welding, the mixture of argon and carbon dioxide protection welding metal droplet and in the process of the invasion of the harmful gas from the outside world. The choice of pu castor diameter size. In general, the greater the diameter of the pu castor wheels, the easier it is to promote the capacity of the load weight is bigger, and at the same time also can better protect the surface from being damaged. As a result, the diameters of the pu castor wheels should first consider the choice of bear and load carrying the weight of the starting thrust to decide. With industrial pu castor locker to receive heavier objects, access is not so easy, especially puts in the closet, or corner, in the release very inconvenience. This time you can use the locker with pu castor, or customize a shelf, with industrial pu castor place heavy concentrated, convenient access. Using the implementation of the storage space free pu castor transposition for the guest lies in the small family area is a bit cramped, if placed in the guest lies a storage space, with industrial pu castor lockers or store content box is the best choice. Mixed gas argon accounted for 30%, 70% carbon dioxide. In order to do the best quality pu castor plant, to develop and improve the welding technology of professional production of industrial pu castor, universal wheel after welding of various sizes for the strict rules, including welding orientation and turned to the two products. Of welding current, voltage, welding wire, welding speed, welding wire diameter extended length of audit strictly, make each wheel bracket welding after all meet the quality requirements. High elastic polyurethane casters & # 8203; Now round bread using range is very wide, because a lot of time we in the transport of materials is very heavy, if the human is very difficult to complete, so you need to use some installed the pu castor transportation tools to transportation. So now we can see all the places in many applications of polyurethane casters, polyurethane casters in the hospital industry is the most widely used, probably will have some bad influence, and this method is waste of time is very long. Calculate the load weight industrial pu castor. , you must first know its weight, maximum load weight of the transport equipment, so as to protect pu castor. To calculate a single wheel or pu castor is corresponding to the required load capacity formula: T = ( E+Z) / M * N: T required for single or pu castor wheel bearing weight; E for transportation equipment of its own weight; Z is the biggest load weight; M used to the number of single wheel and pu castor; N for factor of safety ( About 1. 3 - 1. 5) 。
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