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How to maintain medium castor products

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-25
Wherever the use will have a loss, especially the castor such products especially with higher wear rate, but appropriate maintenance can reduce the attrition rate of the product, extend the service life of the product, so for a lot of friends, know more truckle products maintenance technique can reduce the wastage of the products, but also can save the economic cost, after all, if caster wheel wear serious also need to purchase another products. Applicability of medium-sized castor, now many domestic industry can use such products in the daily operation, in fact, castor maintenance is pretty much the same, English, today we take a look at how to maintain medium casters. First of all is to avoid improper use, medium casters have a bearing limits, if it is more than the bearing limits may cause more wear and pressure for castor, led to its can't normal use, if temporarily put overweight goods, then the light on the cart, and don't place a long time, because of the overweight goods if there is, has been for castor also have wear and damage. Also can choose the flat road or wear less as far as possible, because the medium casters in use process itself has suffered from the weight of the pressure, if in high speed or rough pavement wheel weights directly into pressure can lead to severe wear of the medium-sized castor, etc. , also easy to cause damage to equipment, etc. , so the details friends at the time of daily use or need to be able to more attention. In general medium castor is suitable for the relatively smooth smooth road use. Again, medium casters products need to test for a solid support, etc. , if the wheel axle is loose auspicious, must be timely to nut tightening slam the door at the same time to check the welding cracks and support plate if there is any damage, if there were signs of damage to the need to change in time, medium casters if long-term overload easy to distort the stents, stent can make deformation makes the caster wheel force imbalance, some castor bear the phenomenon of weigh more than other casters, if not timely discovery will let castor premature failure, that is why many castor products are in conformity with the production standard parameters, obviously is often the cause of the early exit, is not technology is not up to standard, but improper use. When assembling castor need lock nut or locking gaskets, medium casters in part has inserted bar castor product design, this time to ensure the plug rod is installed inside the casing. Castor also need to do a good job of lubrication on a regular basis, whether medium castor or heavy caster wheel are the same, on a regular basis to truckle to do a good job of lubrication can reduce the wear and tear, bearing wheel and activities can be normal use, additional axles, also need good lubricating oil daub, in areas such as the sealing ring can reduce the use of wear at the same time also can let castor rotational flexibility. In general, medium casters daub a lubricating oil products six months. In order to be able to make a medium castor can have better use effect, the wheels need to regularly check the wear condition of the change in time truckle so as not to damage the stable rotation. Maintenance of medium-sized castor products details and there are many, if interested friends can be a systemic understanding once, to reduce the loss of the product design has certain help lengthen the service life of the product.
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