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How to make castor competition in the industry

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-11
As castor growing market demand also is in change, at the same time will guide role in whole construction machinery market development also plays. How big is that market demand, the greater the potential of castor, between the two are complementary to each other. From castor development has experienced countless spring and autumn period time, it also is the demand of the market evolved; There will be supply with demand, will form the competition finally. So we competition under such a huge market demand how big? I think we will be in my heart for your region competition have a preliminary concept, and with the castor market competition may become blurred. With increasing market economy, our country castor industry on the impact of large; Its mainly displays in the downstream market, and the downstream market mainly concentrated in the bohai rim, Yangtze river delta and the pearl river delta region in China. Castor industry in our country, therefore, the market distribution is mainly concentrated in the three areas. According to the industrial and commercial bureau website information query, rough calculation, the pearl river delta castor enterprises of the country's 34. 85%, the Yangtze river delta accounted for more than 28. 35%, the bohai sea accounts for more than 18. 08%. Sum of three regions accounted for 81. 27%. Castor industry as a whole division mainly focus on the above three areas, its competitiveness in the three regions is also quite big, it is also from one hand to make the whole industry competition; Castor from whole it does not belong to high-tech products, so there is no decisive core on its technical superiority, also won't have a core advantage affect overall market ranking situation, and the impact on the product performance is the main source of raw materials, the production process, quality control also occupies certain proportion, so these factors directly led to the two aspects of competition, one is price, the other is the product style. (1), the price is competitive in the castor industry, the reality of enterprise product homogeneity is not to be ignored. Therefore, the enterprise wants to get advantage position in the market competition, the price is not to be ignored. Along with the increase of competition in the industry, the price has already become enterprise important means to attract customers. (2), the product style for castor industry competition, the enterprise mainly in manufacturing and selling of the castor is better than that of other companies such as quality, variety, style of similar products, win more customers. In recent years, with the emergence of enterprise personalized needs, castor production enterprise also began to provide customized services to our customers. Price competition and product style is particularly prominent in the whole industry competition, but it's also some enterprise of the development of philosophy, but two different ways of competition can produce different concept of development, some of the castor production of low quality low price to win market, also some production high quality high price to win the castor market, although the advantages and disadvantages of each have a overall or want to do for the long-term development of the enterprise strategic positioning, so enterprise to YueZhanYueYong in castor industry.
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