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How to make the development of the universal wheel is better

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-30
Universal wheel manufacture industry in China rise within thirty years, peng bohai universal wheel manufacturing industry development. Flowering in castor manufacturers. The types of products is becoming more and more rich. Especially with the enterprise manpower cost rising in recent years, reduce the high strength of human labor, transport and improve the efficiency of production logistics transportation is a big trend. So, I think the universal wheel market in China is in rapid development. Universal wheel can be easily pushed single shift, rotation, flat, as a kind of parts are widely used in the transmission system, feed system, processing, processing machinery and packaging machinery ancillary equipment. Universal wheel material can be used according to different environment, situation and purpose to choose collocation. As a result of the universal wheel rolling flexible, that run on the job board, can be very flexible material box objects glide, thus greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, according to the requirements of the different load can be set arbitrary distribution density of universal wheel, also can choose different bearing capacity of universal ball. Universal wheel is made of carbon steel zinc and stainless steel. 1, universal wheel material: universal wheel shell are: zinc degree of carbon steel and stainless steel two kinds of material. Universal wheel ball are: carbon steel ball, carbon steel galvanized steel ball, steel ball, plastic ball. Universal wheel specifications are: 15 ball diameter. 875mm、25. 4毫米,31。 75 mm, etc. 2 and the applicable scope: all kinds of universal wheel is suitable for electronics, hardware, mechanical, chemical, food, timber, mines, books, supermarket, rubber and so on all walks of life. Is widely used in the transmission system, feed system, processing, processing machinery and packaging machinery ancillary equipment. We in the industry started late than developed countries, many industry cutting-edge technology and market share in is monopoly. However, with the development of the overall industrial level in our country, many industries have been out of the struggle in the monopoly situation. Domestic enterprises to cope with the increasingly fierce market competition environment, in addition to independent innovation and create brand advantage, universal wheel lean production is a good idea. Domestic enterprises, especially the domestic foreign-funded enterprises, face the international competition and human cost under the two mountains. In does not affect their product quality premise, universal wheel lean production. Are required to produce the industrial consumables to the business more cost-effective domestic procurement and reduce the labor intensity of workers to attract talents. Now the trend of this industry of our country universal wheel casters industrial consumption products manufacturing enterprises is a positive signal.
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