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How to prolong the life time of the industrial casters

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-02
How to prolong the life time of the industrial casters. Put an end to the overload reasonable select and use appropriate load castor. Don't overload and play to deal with from two aspects. On the one hand, should require castor manufacturers and supporting casters manufacturers for the production of castor and rejected products shall be clearly marked carrying heavy address, for identifies its bearing laid heavy twist at the end of the castor should put an end to the tip to the sale of products. Castor manufacturers and supporting casters manufacturers in bear should be identified and to prepare for preaching of bearing. On the other hand, users should know Xiao chu and castor castor and distribution capacity products bearing GongTong, when use should be estimated to carry huan matter weight, the choice and castor castor and distribution gong products carrying heavy throws bearing melamine content should be greater than 1. More than 5 times. 2. According to different use place choose different material castor different materials have different physical and chemical properties. The material of castor environment requires the use of different places is different, of course the service life of the foot lun will be different. In order to avoid because of castor problem of short service life caused by the use of improper place can come from two aspects to solve. On the one hand, castor manufacturers each foot production sales Aaron shall have the corresponding product instruction for use, its proper use. On the other hand, the user should know when using castor castor suitable for use, to avoid misuse and cause unnecessary loss. 3. To effectively maintain castor to trundle operation on site maintenance on a regular basis. Maintenance is divided into lubricating and cleaning operation of the site and never around the objects and anti rust from three aspects. Is a caster wheel bracket steel ball running parts, wheel bearing parts shall be regularly embellish Xiao oil operation. Second, regular cleaning wrapped around the caster wheel support key ball parts and the service life of the wheel bearing operation department is bligh points important; To prevent rusting caster stents can daub anti-embroidered paint, anti-embroidered oil on a regular basis. 4. Castor manufacturers should strengthen the castor production, design, production, design of castor their lifespan is decisive phase, so the length of the caster wheel life itself should be strict control on the production, design and management. Castor manufacturers should put an end to in turn up during production, true. At the same time make good quality egg job management control. When the design castor industry should be in strict accordance with national standards for design. As more and more large eccentricity, change material, don't change the mechanical structure. 5. Be seized castor production, strengthen the quality control in the tail sale link castor production enterprises should strengthen the quality and management. Do not qualified from the factory production, not qualified, not qualified sales, at the same time should intensify their efforts to check the side try especially for caster stents key monitoring load and wheel load. For broad consumer, should buy normal manufacturer of casters products; Put an end to use fake 20 truckle products and inferior. Functions of the government departments of castor appropriate to borrow the work of quality of the product. Castor castor, Shanghai
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