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How to recognize authenticity of super artificial roller

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-28
At present, the so-called super artificial lugs on the market, the simple packages are mostly ordinary TPR on the thermoplastic plastic core, low bearing capacity, under high load or there will be a long time use degumming, rupture, and so on and so forth. How to solve such problems in addition to we must work hard in the raw materials, production process is also the cause of the these factors. It takes time and experience, of course, but you can try to according to the standard operation control the probability of bad product produce is also critical. To identify the authenticity of a super artificial lugs, need according to the American association of castor manufacturing industrial casters dynamic fatigue performance test standards for testing. The prescribed standards, the test speed is 3. 2 km/h, test load of a series of products and the wheel diameter difference and differ somewhat, for example, two series of wheel by 3. 5 'load of 114 kg, 4 series wheel by 6 inch load of 270 kg, etc. Dynamic fatigue test is put the test sample of castor castor professional test equipment running on, middle place two 3 high. Article 2 mm metal barrier, equipment for 2 minutes, stop for 2 minutes, and then run the opposite direction. Testing allows standard is still turning natural castor after 6 hours test, no structural and functional failure. At home, also usually adopt direct route wheel company life test standard, MLJ castor test speed is 2. 1 km/h, turning device for 3 minutes, 1 minute, run the structure and function of the 10 hours without fail. This can have an effective standard to judge whether qualified, super artificial tire with standard can give us a reference at the same time, in the process of production can also be convenient to provide product percent of pass. Dongguan kaixin castor co. , LTD. , specializing in the production of sales casters ( Universal wheel) And handling equipment company. Super artificial lugs is currently on the market is widely used one of castor, at the same time it is also one of kaixin castor company core products, both in technology and production technology are among similar super artificial iron products lead; Different kaixin castor also has all kinds of casters products, meet your various different levels of demand. Company applied the rich industry experience and professional knowledge, in a timely manner to provide you with technical, price, delivery date and other consulting services.
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