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How to release the bonus _ pu castor baidu PAWS number

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-05
Bear's paw, the introduction of ecological formal means that baidu search from & other; Stand age & throughout; To & other; No age & throughout; Transition. Behind the old and the new mode of transition means large-scale ecological changes, partners will under the new ecosystem is more convenient, fast and efficient connection and precipitation huge user community. “ Throughout the domain name & mobile Internet era; Be described PAWS, the future development trend is most accurate positioning. Baidu PAWS, how to release the bonus _ polyurethane casters under the ecological PAWS, open a new search, baidu provides original content creators with plenty of support and protection. Previously, often appear the content of the original creation is plagiarism and copying other platforms, eventually making traffic not import the original site, and the creation of content creators. Polyurethane casters in current planning, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs can connect through PAWS, including hundreds of number, number of merchants, baidu products, one-stop service user operation and maintenance. Overall, PAWS, will become a new search to connect the key of ecology, and each hope draw dividends line entrepreneurs need to equipped with a powerful weapons at an early date. Xi 'an station baidu PAWS public class and VIP salon held on August 30. Number on this activity, baidu PAWS operations team members to shaanxi content creators and service provider system introduced the product of substantial achievements in nearly a year, including the original protection, selected q&a, operating tools on the specific functions such as iterative innovation progress recently, and the local partner. Pu castor production process & # 8203; The original protection function let & other; Content is king & throughout; Come true content is king or channel is king? The focus of the debate is a few years ago the industry. Today, accompanied by the emergence of a large number of information aggregation platform and social platform, the channel is enough abundance, premium content in contrast is relatively scarce, to provide high quality content creators that match the mainstream creation environment and space. ( )
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