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How to select the trundle bearing

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-02
The selection of caster wheel bearing is also must want to know before buying a content. Castor bearing a good variety of use, without it, castor, lost value. Therefore, we suggest that the ideal bearing should be suitable for their respective applications, and keeping the necessary safety margin. Besides the rotation wheel, wheel diameter and bearing, wheel bearing determines the mobility of the casters, even that only the quality of the caster. For the use of different environment, different requirements: factory with castor is different from firms with casters, tool for castor is different from the hospital bed with light-duty castor, shopping cart with the requirements of the caster must be completely different from those for carrying heavy load in the factory of the caster. Four bearings in general, have the following: 1, the spirit, bearing, spirit is a special engineering plastics, suitable for humid and corrosive, rotational flexibility, resistance is bigger. 2, roller bearing: after heat treatment of roller bearings can carry heavier load, rotational flexibility. 3, ball bearing, selects the high quality bearing steel ball bearing is made and be become, can carry heavier loads, suitable for flexible rotation and peace required. 4, plane bearing: suitable for high and very high load and high speed. Shanghai castor
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