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How to understand the meaning of castor main frame, rivet

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-30
Castor of carrying capacity of the frame and the wheel core USES the strong nylon ( PA6) Material, its good oil resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and resistance to ensure the service life of castor. Wheel surface is made of super mute TPR material, feel soft, weather resistance, fatigue resistance and temperature tolerance, but also has very good damping effect. Castor internal equipped with precision bearing, effectively reduce the noise, and improve the overall smooth degree of castor. Castor riveting natural flow bend deformation of the rivet to metal, will not reduce the notched impact toughness and ductility of material, reducing the pier in the rivet head a tangential tensile stress around the danger of too much, no broken fiber material flow after riveting, can improve the bearing capacity of the rivet. Will swing cold grinding with traditional stamping hammer, castor castor riveting riveting do destructive test specimens after know, cold run castor riveting method produced by the coupling strength is about 80% higher than that of traditional castor riveting. After cold run castor riveting rivets almost no deformation phenomenon such as bending, drum abdomen, pier crude. At the same time, connected to the rivet parts without deformation. 1) equipped with castor with 4 position rotary lock. (2) rotary parts and coated with grease on the axle. (3) the framework USES the strengthening rib forming, enhances the rigidity. (4) rotary department adopts the way of tapered roller bearings, bearing can ensure good rotary. (5) the human engineering design, the starting resistance and rolling resistance is small, even under the high load can play excellent rotation. In accordance with the requirements of various special, can choose the appropriate accessories. Such as dust cap, sealing ring and anti-wind cover can maintain the cleanness of caster wheel rotating parts, prevent all kinds of fiber entanglement, make flexible casters use for a long time still the same; Stopper and double brake switch device can effectively prevent the rotation of the castor and steering, so you can stay in any position. Any parts around the caster is a need to have a reasonable use of reasoning and practice come out, can not arbitrarily add or change, can only under the condition of itself has changed, or get direct contact with the manufacturer to change.
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