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How to use it based on the characteristics of polyurethane casters

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-16
In today's booming industry upgrading of pu castor is rapidly, in addition to the previous industrial applications, is now in the commercial, catering and so on all walks of life use various environment, and use performance also improve greatly. Have to say for today is the fundamental problem is the most familiar pu castor, these also is one of the most serious problems encountered in practical application. How about pu castor: 1, made from high quality polyurethane wheel processing. 2, beautiful stent by spraying zinc corrosion resistance. 3, pu castor USES the fender and no cover two kinds. 4, can be used in the factory, workshop, the use environment of commercial, catering and other industries. 5, pu castor with spirit, bearings, precision ball bearing, bearing single, double bearing. 6, intensive industrial pu castor applicable to environment have silk items, with functions of anti around. 7, polyurethane has good durability, wear resistance, elasticity, movement no sound, no wheel marks, etc. How to ensure pu castor safety: 1, pay close attention to the usage of the product; 2, should be used according to the product specification, reduce the risk of possible; 3, safety related things, its development process and the quality certificate to record a block; 4, in the process of design, production, inspection, etc should be according to the current technical level; How to choose the pu castor bearing: the bearing have many types and models, brands, and are closely linked. Then we when choosing pu castor is to choose the uniaxial and biaxial or ball? In fact this is not a standard answer, because everyone's demand is different, so the result of a change. For example: pu castor ball bearing is suitable for precision machining products, with a high load, low noise and flexible rotation effect. And polyurethane caster roller bearing is relative to the same specifications of the ball bearing can bear higher load.
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