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How to use pu castor, make its maximum value

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-29
There are many in the wild world we unknown object or life waiting for us to explore, found that how to find it the secret of the unknown is what we've been exploring. Pu castor is has been known to the general public, but it can appear but are not limited to this, the ability of how to use it better all aspects of the outstanding characteristic is we are going to discover and explore. PU chemical name PU, called PU castor again, how to use it also in light of the characteristics of its various aspects to start. PU commonly known as optimal force glue, rubber spring, full name is the carbamate polyester or polymer isocyanate resin. PU is a kind of between plastic and rubber elastomer, its good comprehensive performance is common plastic and rubber. PU castor the advantage of using temperature range in - 35 - Between 80 ℃ and is suitable for use in a variety of ground, and can be widely used in medical industry, food processing industry, factory handling, warehousing logistics, machinery manufacturing, etc. ; So it is no matter in which aspects of the modern industrial use can play out its characteristics, and be able to get the biggest effect. The properties of the PU castor: these features of the PU wheel, very suitable for as castor material; The PU wheel at the same time have a wide range of hardness, from shaw A10 - 100; Superior sound-absorbing properties of the PU wheel, the wheels in motion process does not produce noise, can achieve mute effect; PU wheel elastomers have abrasion resistance, resistance to chemical attack, high strength, high elasticity, strong resistance to low pressure, shock absorption, tear resistance, radiation resistance, high load and shock absorption performance; The characteristics of polyurethane PU castor its rich variety, we should be strictly in accordance with its features in the process of using applied to operation, so as to better dig polyurethane characteristics in practical application.
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