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by:Dajin caster     2020-04-21
Universal casters in the automotive industry, factories, hotels, supermarkets and other environment can see it's very unique side, universal casters it selective almost 360 degree can meet the needs of all kinds of situations and use, so it looks like a piece of a boat in the sea, and the contribution of it is not to be ignored, because it can normal development provides a good foundation for industry, building the modern industrialization development of portable, convenient operation, group after group of great merit. What kind of industry universal casters is everyone needs of universal casters, first of all we're thinking about the problem, will think of what we have to put in place to use, and require the universal casters carrying multiple weights, then consider universal caster wheel rotation performance and mobile performance. In the place such as factories and warehouses, cargo handling is very frequent and heavy load, active wheel rack flat ball bearing and ball bearing on the floor, make the castor can withstand the heavy loading, flexible rotation, impact resistance, etc. Universal casters: sliding resistance is small, strong shock resistance, equipped with high-quality precision dual bearing, wear resistance, impact resistance, chemical resistance, acid, such as water corrosion. Because of its flexibility, wear-resisting durable. So widely applies to the nylon universal wheel is suitable for the mobile case, freezers, light industry equipment, kitchen equipment, kitchen utensils and appliances, shelves, laundry cart, storage, food conveyor equipment, medium-sized mechanical and electrical equipment, etc. And good heat resistance, non-toxic, tasteless, suitable for office equipment, office furniture, high-grade furniture, hotel kitchen supplies, small appliances, light equipment is widely used. How to enhance the universal caster wheel speed of use: 1, select advanced bearing truckle; 2, add caster operation site lubricating oil; 3, select castor surface hardness can't be too soft; 4, choose larger castor wheel diameter. Universal casters and directional casters have a certain distinction, universal casters in use are free to rotate forward direction, and directional casters really hard to make casual to the direction of change, in many cases because of the particularity of the two kinds of castor, they are mutual collocation is used. The application of universal casters to promote the development of a batch of industrial production, with the speeding up of the market development of castor demand will gradually increase, and the quality of universal casters, technology, and other requirements will be improved. Today has been universal in all over the country provinces and cities area castor universal coverage, universal casters involved in various industries.
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